Forest Certification PEFC

The forest certification is a process consisting in estimating a good forest management, that is a management which takes into account the environment and the social impacts, while being economically viable.

The products which result from a certified forest, can be identified by a label demonstrating that the forest is well managed. So, this identification allows to assure the consumers, retailers, governments, and investors of the origin of products. Important retailers of Europe, North America, and moreover in the world made a commitment to market only forest products resulting from well managed forests.

Forest certification attests to respecting the environmental, societal and economic functions of the forest. PEFC certification is based on two complementary mechanisms, Forest Certification and Enterprise Certification, which transform wood to ensure the traceability of timber from the forest to the finished product.

Certification of the chain of traceability PEFC

Produits Forestiers Laurentiens, was equipped in 2010 of the Chain of Traceability FSC® and in 2018, we changed for the PEFC Certification. This procedure, assure the consumers that the end product results from forests fully qualified teachers. This chain of traceability, is the way by which raw materials, treated materials and finished products, are distributed by the forest to the consumer, by way of all the successive stages of the treatment, the transformation, the manufacturing and the distribution.

And so the company participates in a healthy management of our forest environment for the profit of our generation as well as future generations.