History of Produits Forestiers Laurentiens

The Fralor project began in 1984, with the purchase of a small local sawmill which we moved on the current place of the company. We had a stalks supply of 8,000 cubic meters , which we made increase by 7,000 cubic meters, for a total assigned by the Ministry of the Energy and the Resources, of 15,000 cubic meters. We receive from the private sector, mainly from the region of the Valley of Gatineau and Pontiac, a 5,000 cubic meters supply, for a total transformation of 20,000 cubic meters annually. Certain supply result even from very remote regions, that is Cantons de l'Est and even the Vermont, in United States.

During the same year, the company bought numerous equipments. We began the construction of the transformation factory, which was set up in the Canton Marchand, a few minutes away from L’Annonciation. However, it is really in 1985, that began the production of ornamental frames which are almost completely exported towards the United States. Besides this product, the company finds outlets for the industry of the piece of furniture and this new production is managed towards the markets of Montreal and the United States.

Modernization in 1986 with the acquisition of new equipments which will allow the sawmill to add to its activities, of new operations which will increase, in a significant way, the added value in its products. An important part of the production is exported for industrial purposes, nottament for the manufacturing of cofferings with concrete and breast walls.

In 2005, we invest for the construction of warehouses and sheds. The management of sawdust and shavings is largely facilitated since this date. The cleanliness near the sawmill is moreover one of aspects which strikes most the visitor. We quickly notice, that here, the environment is respected.

In 1987, we changed the Fralor Company name for Produits Forestiers Laurentiens. We gradually developed other wooden qualities for more sophisticated uses. And so the company makes now the first transformation of the wood used in the manufacturing of the hockey sticks. Now, we can make wooden constituents, of any dimensions, and cut specifically according to the needs of the customer.